Vacuums, and their effect on your premises’ cleanliness

Posted by intexjanitorial on November 4, 2015

By David S. Uria

Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes; there are bag-less, cyclonic, bagged, upright, canister, built-in, and many other types of systems.

However, the type of vacuum you use may have a large effect on the efficiency of your cleaning, as well as the level of cleanliness you are achieving. Firstly, any built-in vacuum system will be your cleanest option. Due to the fact that built-in’s vent or exhaust outside of your cleaning area, you are not reintroducing dust and allergens back into your environment. Also built-ins give you the most flexibility if you have bare and carpeted flooring and/or stairs in your space, using the power head for your carpeted areas, and wand cleaning for your bare floors.

If a built in vacuum is not an option for you, then again firstly take into account the area you are cleaning, are there stairs, only floor, carpet or both? Secondly, if you can, always go for the vacuum that offers you the best filtration and the cleanest exhaust. Usually that will mean a bag filtered machine, they are more costly to operate, but generally tend to filter better, however nowadays with Hepa filters cyclonic machines are also becoming quite efficient. If you have stairs, bare floor and carpet, then a canister type vacuum would be best. If you have no stairs and only carpet, typically an upright would suit you best. It is always a better option to vacuum bare floored areas then to sweep, as sweeping only causes the dust and allergens to fly into the air and settle elsewhere, while vacuuming should remove all this giving you a clean surface to mop. Upright vacuums are generally used only for carpeted areas, as they have a powerhead, which is definitely not conducive to vacuuming floored areas. Should you have a high square footage area of low pile carpet and/or flooring, a backpack vacuum may be your best option. Rather then pull a canister behind you trying to maneuver around obstacles; you simply have a wand, which you may use for high or low dusting or vacuuming,

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