Why Choose Intex Janitorial for your cleaning requirements?

Posted by intexjanitorial on April 28, 2015

The “Cleaning Business” is a fickle one, as cleaning can be a very basic and simple thing, many people can try their luck in this trade with the purchase of some basic equipment. However, although “cleaning” can be basic, at the same time it can be very complex and specialized.
Mopping a floor is simple yes, but knowing what to use in terms of cleaners, and equipment, as well as such things as the amount of moisture a floor can take, hot or cold water, neutral cleansers or not, are all very important factors to consider when cleaning. Therefore, someone with the knowledge and experience, like the staff here at Intex JanitorialMaple Ridge & Pitt Meadows, can ensure things are done correctly and in the most efficient and professional manner.

Also, security and integrity come into play, who is performing the cleaning? Are they bonded or insured, or could they have a criminal record? This is another serious reason why choosing a firm such as Intex Janitorial Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows, when considering the consequences of giving access to uncertified individuals to your Home or Business premises. Here at Intex Janitorial we screen all our staff, criminal records checks as well as background checks are performed on all staff prior to gaining employment within our company.

Selling Contracts – A very common practice among some companies. Who is doing the Janitorial Services, Office Cleaning you are paying for? Who is Pressure Washing your Home or Business, is it the person you hired? Quite often not… Some individuals will advertise offering Cleaning Services, they will attend your Home or Office, present themselves as a Cleaning Firm, and quote on your cleaning requirements. But once the contract is signed, they “sell” your contract to another firm, making only a small percentage of the contract, but having NO PART in the services being performed. You send your cheques to the contact you met at your Home or Business, but they simply take their percentage from that cheque, and the rest is sent to whomever they “sold” the contract to. All the while you think the people doing the cleaning are employees of the contact you first met. At Intex Office Cleaning Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows we have taken a stance of not Subcontracting our work, nor doing Subcontract work for other firms or individuals. When you hire Intex to clean your premises, it is our professional, trained, insured, security checked staff that will perform all work.

Another common practice among cleaning firms is to gain contracts, and then hire students to work at minimum wages, inexperienced, unreliable, unprofessional services usually prevail in these circumstances. Here at Intex Janitorial Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows we have a strict policy of supervising our staff, we perform cleaning audits of the premises they clean on a regular basis, to ensure Intex’s high standards are being met. We treat our staff right, pay them respectful wages, and in turn they provide quality, reliable, and dedicated service to all our clientele.

Should you require Intex Janitorial Service, Intex Office Cleaning, Intex Pressure Washing, Intex Gutter Cleaning, or any other services we provide in the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Langley and surrounding areas, please call our offices at 604-465-1302 or email to intexjanitorial(at)gmail.com!